globalOSCS offer unrivalled business consulting and students recruiting services. We have built strong business partnerships with some of the world's leading higher education institutions. This has enabled us to provide a variety of education and business opportunities to our clients as well as students from across the globe.

We recruit students from various countries who wish to study abroad. We have students from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, Peru and other countries.

We provide consultancy services to businesses and organisations across the globe. Some of the projects we have been involved in are mainly in education, infrastructure and health.

OSCS is a results driven business that continuously improves its process for best customer service and professionalism. Opportunities for professional development are provided for staff for improved business acumen, development, innovation and entrepreneurship. We have developed a long term plan of action designed to achieve continuous growth and thorough competitive advantage.