Study Abroad

Study abroad

Studying abroad for many students can be both exciting and challenging. Students may come from diverse backgrounds which mean adjusting to the new study environment, culture and other aspects of life as they embark on their study.. OSCS can help. OSCS is renowned for providing professional advice on best learning institutions in Australia, Canada, Sweden and Finland. Students, parents or sponsors requiring information on study opportunities abroad can reliably obtain this information from OSCS through our experienced consultants.

Students may choose to study in any of the Schools, Tertiary And Further Education (TAFE) colleges and Universities in Australia, Canada, Finland and Sweden. These learning institutions offer world class education and training. These institutions are world leaders in research and training for industry needs and thus ensuring that the graduates are better placed to compete in the global labour market.

Universities, Colleges and Schools are in different locations ranging from metropolitan to regional areas. This gives the students the opportunity to experience different lifestyles, culture and learning environments.

Students wishing to study overseas often do not have relevant information about courses, student visa requirements or how to go about applying for a course at education institutions such as schools, colleges or universities abroad. Overseas Students & Consulting Services play a pivotal role in supporting prospective students. Support includes but not limited to;

  • General information about studying overseas.
  • Applying for courses for students in various schools, colleges, Institutes and Universities in Australia.
  • Information on Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities profile information.
  • Student visa advice and information.
  • Supporting students with visa application process.
  • Pre-departure orientation information sessions.

Once a student has been successful in gaining an offer to study at any of our partner higher education institutions, our agents provide all necessary support to ensure that the student start their study without any problems.

OSCS has partnerships and agreements with various universities, TAFE colleges and schools in Australia, Canada, Sweden and Finland. We provide customised support to current and prospective students wanting to study abroad.

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